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NCAA Tournament Bracket Prediction - March 2, 2018

NCAA Tournament Bracket Prediction - March 2, 2018

Just a little sweep through with minimal changes.  I bumped Arizona up now that Trier has been re-instated.  I still am struggling with the last #5 seed, so Miami keeps being a placeholder until someone grabs it.  Minor tweaks below that. 


1's - Virgina, Villanova, Xavier, Kansas
2's - Michigan State, North Carolina, Purdue, Duke
3's - Auburn, Tennessee, Cincinnati, Clemson
4's - West Virginia, Wichita State, Texas Tech, Arizona
5's - Kentucky, Ohio State, Michigan, Miami (FL)
6's - Houston, TCU, Virginia Tech, Florida
7's - Gonzaga, Rhode Island, Nevada, Arkansas
8's - Florida State, Seton Hall, Texas A&M, Creighton
9's - NC State, USC, Missouri, Arizona State
10's - Butler, Oklahoma, Providence, St. Bonaventure
11's - Middle Tennessee, Louisville, Kansas State, (Washington, St. Mary's)
12's - (Baylor, Alabama)* Loyola, Louisiana, Buffalo
13's - New Mexico State, South Dakota State, Vermont, Murray State
14's - Rider, Northeastern, Bucknell, UNCG
15's - Montana, Penn, Northern Kentucky, UC-Davis
16's - UNC-Asheville, Wagner (Prairie View A&M, Bethune-Cookman, FGCU, Nicholls State)

First 4 out - Texas, UCLA, Marquette, Syracuse

*Even though I don't believe the committee will feed a play-in game to San Diego, for purposes of seeding I am not concerned with that at this point

1  Virgina (Pittsburgh)
2  Purdue (Detroit)
3  Auburn (Nashville)
4  Texas Tech (San Diego)
5  Kentucky (San Diego)
6  Virgina Tech (Nashville)
7  Rhode Island (Detroit)
8  Seton Hall (Pittsburgh)
9  Arizona State (Pittsburgh)
10 Butler (Detroit)
11 Middle Tennessee (Nashville)
12 Loyola (San Diego)
13 New Mexico State (San Diego)
14 Northeastern (Nashville)
15 UC-Davis (Detroit)
16 FGCU/Prairie View A&M (Pittsburgh)

1  Villanova (Pittsburgh)
2  Duke (Charlotte)
3  Cincinnati (Wichita)
4  West Virginia (Boise)
5  Ohio State (Boise)
6  TCU (Wichita)
7  Arkansas (Charlotte)
8  Texas A&M (Pittsburgh)
9  NC State (Pittsburgh)
10 Providence (Charlotte)
11Washington/St. Mary's (Wichita)
12 Louisiana (Boise)
13 Vermont (Boise)
14 Rider (Wichita)
15 Northern Kentucky (Charlotte)
16 UNC-Asheville (Pittsburgh)

1  Xavier (Nashville)
2  Michigan State (Detroit)
3  Clemson (Dallas)
4  Wichita State (Boise)
5  Michigan (Boise)
6  Florida (Dallas)
7  Nevada (Detroit)
8  Florida State (Nashville)
9  USC (Nashville)
10 Oklahoma (Detroit)
11 Louisville (Dallas)
12 Buffalo (Boise)
13 South Dakota State (Boise)
14 Bucknell (Dallas)
15 Montana (Detroit)
16 Bethune-Cookman/Nicholls State (Nashville)

1  Kansas (Wichita)
2  North Carolina (Charlotte)
3  Tennessee (Dallas)
4  Arizona (San Diego)
5  Miami (FL) (San Diego)
6  Houston (Dallas)
7  Gonzaga (Charlotte)
8  Creighton (Wichita)
9  Missouri (Wichita)
10 Saint Bonaventure (Charlotte)
11 Kansas State (Dallas)
12 Baylor/Alabama (San Diego)
13 Murray State (San Diego)
14 UNC-Greensboro (Dallas)
15 Penn (Charlotte)
16 Wagner(Wichita)

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