Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Modified Tourney Tracker - Record vs Teams Under Consideration

Due to a family vacay and brief illness, I apologize for the lack of updates.  Time to get back at it!!

Here is a modified version of the Tourney Tracker stripping away those teams no longer in serious consideration for the Field of 68.  This can be a factor the committee looks at when evaluating Bubble Teams.  For the purposes of this schedule, I am a one-man committee and will do my best to determine which teams are still under consideration.  For one-bid leagues, the first place team is considered part of the field.  Right now, I have it at 79 teams for 68 spots.

ACC (6)
North Carolina (12-4) - Michigan State(N), Wisconsin(H), UNC-Asheville(A), Mississippi Valley State(H), Long Beach State(H), Texas(H), Miami, FL(H), NC State(H), Virginia(H), Miami, FL(A), NC State(A), Virginia(A)
Duke (11-4) - Belmont(H), Michigan State(N), Davidson(H), Michigan(N), Kansas(N), Washington(N), Colorado State(H), Virginia(H), North Carolina(A), NC State(H), Florida State(A)
Virginia (6-4) - Michigan(H), Drexel(N), Oregon(A), LSU(A), Miami, FL(H), NC State(A)
Florida State (6-6) - Central Florida(H), North Carolina(H), Duke(A), Virginia(H), Miami, FL(H), NC State(A)

North Carolina State (3-8) - Texas(N), UNC-Asheville(H), Miami, FL(A)

Miami (2-8) - Duke(A), Florida State(H)

Big 12 (6)
Baylor (11-5) - San Diego State(H), Texas-Arlington(H), Northwestern(A), BYU(A), St. Mary's(N), West Virginia(N), Mississippi State(N), Kansas State(A), Texas(H), Iowa State(H), Texas(A)

Missouri (9-3) - Notre Dame (N), California(N), Illinois(H), Iowa State(A), Texas(H), Baylor(A), Texas(A), Kansas(H), Baylor(H)
Kansas (11-5) - Georgetown(N), Long Beach State(H), South Florida(H), Ohio State(H), Kansas State(H), Iowa State(H), Baylor(H), Texas(A), Baylor(A), Kansas State(A), Missouri(H)
Texas (4-9) - Temple(H), Texas-Arlington(H), Iowa State(H), Kansas State(H)
Kansas State (6-7) - Alabama(H), Long Beach State(N), Missouri(H), Texas(H), Baylor(A), Missouri(A)

Iowa State (5-5) - Mississippi Valley State(H), Texas(H), Kansas(H), Kansas State(H), Kansas State(A)

Big East (10)
Syracuse (13-1) - Florida(H), Bucknell(H), Marshall(H), NC State(A), Seton Hall(H), Marquette(H), Cincinnati(A), West Virginia(H), Georgetown(H), Connecticut(H), Louisville(A), South Florida(H), Connecticut(A)
Connecticut (7-9) - Florida State(N), Harvard(H), UNC-Asheville(N), West Virginia(H), South Florida(A), Notre Dame(A), Seton Hall(H)
Marquette (8-5) - Wisconsin(A), Washington(N), Louisville(H), South Florida(H), Seton Hall(H), Cincinnati(H), Connecticut(A), West Virginia(A)

Georgetown (9-5) - Memphis(N), Alabama(A), Savannah State(H), Memphis(H), Louisville(A), Marquette(H), Connecticut(H), South Florida(H)
West Virginia (7-9) - Akron(H), Oral Roberts(H), Kansas State(A), Miami,FL(H), Georgetown(H), Marshall(H), Cincinnati(H)
Seton Hall (6-8) - VCU(H), St. Joseph's(A), Dayton(A), West Virginia(H), Connecticut(H), Georgetown(H)

Louisville (6-6) - Long Beach State(H), Vanderbilt(H), Memphis(H), Seton Hall(A), Connecticut(H), West Virginia(A)
Cincinnati (5-6) - Notre Dame(H), Georgetown(A), Connecticut(A), Seton Hall(H), Louisville(H)
Notre Dame (9-6) - Mississippi Valley State(H), South Florida(H), Louisville(A), Syracuse(H), Seton Hall(A), Connecticut(A), Marquette(H), West Virginia(A), West Virginia(H)

South Florida (2-8) - Seton Hall(H), Cincinnati(H)

Big Ten (8)
Ohio State (9-6) - Florida(H), Duke(H), Valparaiso(H), Northwestern(H), Indiana(H), Michigan(H), Wisconsin(A), Purdue(H), Illinois(H)
Michigan State (9-5) - Florida State(H), Gonzaga(A), Indiana(H), Wisconsin(A), Purdue(H), Michigan(H), Ohio State(A), Wisconsin(H), Purdue(A)

Indiana (10-4) - NC State(A), Kentucky(H), Notre Dame(A), Stony Brook(H), Savannah State(H), Ohio State(H), Michigan(H), Purdue(A), Illinois(H), Northwestern(H)
llinois (4-9) - Gonzaga(H), Northwestern(A), Ohio State(H), Michigan State(H)
Wisconsin (9-6) - BYU(N), UNLV(H), Mississippi Valley State(H), Savannah State(H), Purdue(A), Northwestern(H), Illinois(A), Indiana(H), Ohio State(A)
Purdue (8-8) - Iona(N), Temple(N), MiamiFL(H), Illinois(H), Northwestern(A), Northwestern(H), Illinois(A), Michigan(A)

Michigan (10-6) - Memphis(N), Iowa State(H), Wisconsin(H), Northwestern(H), Michigan State(H), Purdue(A), Indiana(H), Illinois(H), Ohio State(H), Northwestern(A)
Northwestern (6-10) - LSU(H), Mississippi Valley State(H), Stony Brook(H), Seton Hall(A), Michigan State(H), Illinois(A)

SEC (6)
Kentucky (9-1) - Kansas(N), North Carolina(H), Louisville(H), Alabama(H), LSU(A), Florida(H), Vanderbilt(A), Mississippi State(A), Vanderbilt(H)
Vanderbilt (8-6) - Oregon(H), NC State(N), Bucknell(H), Davidson(A), Marquette(A), Alabama(A), Middle Tennessee(H), LSU(H)
Florida (7-3) - Arizona(H), Mississippi Valley State(H), Florida State(H), LSU(H), Mississippi State(H), Vanderbilt(H), Alabama(A)
Alabama (5-8) - Wichita State(N), Purdue(N), VCU(H), LSU(H), Mississippi State(H)
Mississippi State (5-6) - Arizona(N), West Virginia(H), Alabama(H), Vanderbilt(A), LSU(H)

LSU (3-7) - Marquette(H), Alabama(H), Mississippi State(H)

PAC-12 (4)
California (4-4) - Weber State(H), Oregon(A), Washington(A), Oregon(H)
Arizona (2-7) - Valparaiso(H), California(A)

Washington (3-6) - Oregon(H), Arizona(A), Arizona(H)
Oregon (2-6) - Arizona(A), Washington(H)

Atlantic 10 (5)
Xavier (5-7) - Vanderbilt(A), Purdue(H), Cincinnati(H), St. Joseph's(H), Dayton(H)
Temple (5-4) - Wichita State(N), Duke(H), St. Louis(A), St. Joseph's(H), Xavier(H)

St. Louis (4-3) - Washington(H), Xavier(A), Dayton(H), St. Joseph's(A)
Dayton (4-5) - Alabama(H), St. Louis(H), Temple(A), Xavier(H)

St. Joseph's (4-6) - Creighton(H), Drexel(H), Dayton(H), Temple(H)

Colonial (2)
VCU (2-3) - Akron(A), South Florida(H)

Drexel (1-2) - VCU(H)

Conference USA (4)
Memphis (6-7) - Belmont(H), Miami, FL(A), Southern Miss(H), Marshall(H), Xavier(H), Marshall(A)
Marshall (4-8) - Cincinnati(A), Iona(H), Belmont(H), Central Florida(H)
Central Florida (3-5) - Connecticut(N), Memphis(H), Marshall(H)

Southern Miss (6-2) - South Florida(H), Colorado State(A), Marshall(H), Central Florida(A), Memphis(H), Central Florida(H)

WCC (3)
Gonzaga (6-4) - Notre Dame(H), Oral Roberts(H), Arizona(H), Xavier(A), St. Mary's(H), BYU(H)
St. Mary's (4-3) - Weber State(H), BYU(H), Gonzaga(H), BYU(A)

BYU (4-5) - Oregon(H), Nevada(N), Weber State(H), Gonzaga(H)

Missouri Valley (2)
Creighton (23-5, 4-2) - San Diego State(A), Northwestern(H), Wichita State(A), Long Beach State(H)

Wichita State (24-4, 3-3) - UNLV(H), Creighton(A), Davidson(A)

Mountain West (4)
UNLV (7-4)North Carolina(N), Nevada(H), Illinois(A), California(H), New Mexico(H), Colorado State(H), San Diego State(H)
San Diego State (6-5)Long Beach State(H), Arizona(A), California(H), UNLV(H), New Mexico(A), Colorado State(H)

New Mexico (4-3) - St. Louis(H), Colorado State(H), San Diego State(A), UNLV(H)
Colorado State (2-5) - San Diego State(H), New Mexico(H)

One-Bid Leagues (19)
Harvard (3-1) - Florida State(N), Central Florida(N), St. Joseph's(H)

Murray State (4-0) - Dayton(H), Memphis(A), Southern Miss(H), St. Mary's(H)
Iona (3-2) - Long Island(H), St. Joseph's(A), Nevada(H)
Middle Tennesee (2-2) - Akron(H), Belmont(H)
Long Beach State (1-6) - Xavier(N)
Oral Roberts (2-2) - Xavier(A), Akron(H)
Belmont (2-4) - Middle Tennessee(A), Marshall(H)
Akron (2-5) - Mississippi State(A), Marshall(A)
Nevada (1-3) - Washington(H)
Weber State (1-3) - Texas-Arlington(H)
Davidson (1-3) - Kansas(A)
Bucknell (0-2)
Valparaiso (1-2) - Akron(H)
Long Island (0-2)
Texas-Arlington (0-3)
UNC-Asheville (0-3)
Mississippi Valley State (0-6)
Savannah State (0-3)
Stony Brook (0-2)

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