Monday, February 20, 2012

NCAA Field of 68 - February 20, 2012 Edition

  • Kentucky overall #1, followed by Syracuse, Missouri and Duke
  • Last 4 In - Miami, FL, St. Joseph's, Arizona, Colorado State
  • Next 6 - Cincinnati, Illinois, LSU, Washington, Minnesota, NC State
  • One First Four game moved to 11 line to accomodate travel, BYU and Xavier moved to 12 line, but ahead of these teams in my S-curve
  • I really don't love this bracket, but three weeks will fix that...balancing the first four seed lines between strength, geography and conference affiliations was not easy
  • The mid-majors had a rough week and their seeding is taking a hit (unless they are named Wichita State)
  • The mock selection exercise, while just a trial and not with actual committee members revealed a few things, namely nobody respects Southern Miss and their RPI of 11
West Regional
(1)  Duke vs (16) Norfolk State/Mississippi Valley State
(8)  Mississippi State vs (9) St. Louis
(5)  Wisconsin vs (12) Arizona/Colorado State
(4)  Louisville vs (13)  Iona
(6)  Gonzaga vs (11) Seton Hall
(3)  Michigan vs (14)  Drexel
(7)  San Diego State vs (10)  Alabama
(2)  Kansas vs (15)  Weber State

South Regional
(1)  Kentucky vs (16)  Vermont/UNC-Asheville
(8)  Kansas State vs (9)  Memphis
(5)  Notre Dame vs (12) Xavier
(4)  Indiana vs (13)  Long Beach State
(6)  New Mexico vs (11)  Texas
(3)  Georgetown vs (14)  Belmont
(7)  Creighton vs (10) Harvard
(2)  North Carolina vs (15) Akron

Midwest Regional
(1)  Missouri vs (16)  Texas-Arlington
(8)  West Virginia vs (9)  Purdue
(5)  Florida State vs (12)  BYU
(4)  Wichita State vs (13)  Nevada
(6)  Vanderbilt vs (11)  Miami, FL/St. Joseph's
(3)  Marquette vs (14)  Davidson
(7)  Murray State  vs (10)  Iowa State
(2)  Michigan State vs (15)  Valparaiso

East Regional
(1)  Syracuse vs (16)  Long Island
(8)  St. Mary's vs (9)  Southern Miss
(5)  Temple vs (12)  Northwestern
(4)  Florida vs (13)  Middle Tennessee
(6)  UNLV vs (11)  California
(3)  Baylor vs (14)  Oral Roberts
(7)  Virginia vs (10)  Connecticut
(2)  Ohio State vs (15)  Bucknell


  1. As a UNM fan, my only complaint is where you have teams going. If the Lobos or UNLV are higher-seeded than SDSU, then one of them should have the preference of playing in the West regional. Swapping out the UNM/Texas game for the Gonzaga/Seton Hall game would be easy, or swapping out the entire bottom half of each bracket. It just doesn't seem like SDSU should get the advantage of playing in Omaha as a lower seed with UNM has to travel to Nashville, though they're ranked higher.

  2. Another reason why I don't love this bracket - Gonzaga, UNLV and New Mexico all are on my current 6 line, making it difficult to spread them across the West coast sites. New Mexico is an up-and-comer, but in my bracket got the 3rd selection of these teams based on my S-curve (plus they can't play in Albequerque). In your ideal situation, you would actually rather have them as a 7-seed so they could play in Omaha/Phoenix (remember, the site is dictated by the top-4 seed in the region). As a 6, their only site choices are Columbus, Louisville and Nashville. Also, San Diego State is 1300 miles from Omaha, hardly an advantage. Finally, would you rather have a 2nd round game against Kansas in Omaha or against Georgetown in Nashville??


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