Monday, January 16, 2012

NCAA Field of 68 - January 16, 2012 Edition

  • Syracuse still overall #1, followed by Kentucky, Baylor and Duke
  • I did a little more numbers research this week, which resulted in some minor shuffling.
  • Dropped North Carolina to a #3 after their display this weekend.  I don't think the Tar Heels will end up here, but their resume isn't exactly providing a wow factor right now.
  • Marshall and St. Louis are the last 2 in this week, both with 3 top 100 RPI wins.  Arkansas and Cincinnati both sit with 3 top 100 wins and comparable 200 +/- numbers, but have RPI's and Sagarins too low for an at-large team. 
  • Colorado State has an RPI of 20, but looking at their resume, it doesn't have anything that would support a berth right now.
  • Florida and Louisville have surprisingly spotty resumes and each have two 100+ RPI losses.  I would expect Florida to improve their seed as we move forward, but Louisville might have too many injuries.
  • Although I have Davidson and Iona seeded 13, they would be interesting at-large cases if they lose in the finals of thier conference tourney and don't suffer more damage in the next six weeks.  Harvard would be a similar case if it loses the Ivy League, but that would take at least two more losses.  Murray State would be in as an at-large with one loss, but would be a very interesting case with two.
South Regional
(1)  Duke vs (16) Albany/Texas-Arlington
(8)  Florida vs (9) New Mexico
(5)  Creighton vs (12) Texas/St. Louis
(4)  Indiana vs (13)  Iona
(6)  Gonzaga vs (11)  Southern Miss
(3)  Connecticut vs (14)  Belmont
(7)  Louisville vs (10)  Northwestern
(2)  Kansas vs (15)  Weber State

Midwest Regional
(1)  Kentucky vs (16)  Bucknell
(8)  Wisconsin vs (9)  Wichita State
(5)  Virginia vs (12)  Minnesota
(4)  Seton Hall vs (13)  Oral Roberts
(6)  Marquette vs (11)  Stanford
(3)  Illinois vs (14)  George Mason
(7)  San Diego State vs (10) Temple
(2)  Missouri vs (15)  Nevada

West Regional
(1)  Baylor vs (16)  Norfolk State
(8)  Dayton vs (9)  Purdue
(5)  St. Mary's vs (12)  NC State/Marshall
(4)  UNLV vs (13)  Middle Tennessee
(6)  Vanderbilt vs (11)  Florida State
(3)  Georgetown vs (14)  Long Beach State
(7)  California  vs (10)  Memphis
(2)  Ohio State vs (15)  Wisconsin-Milwaukee

East Regional
(1)  Syracuse vs (16)  UNC-Asheville/Texas Southern
(8)  Kansas State vs (9)  Murray State
(5)  Michigan vs (12)  Xavier
(4)  Alabama vs (13)  Davidson
(6)  West Virginia vs (11)  Harvard
(3)  North Carolina vs (14)  Akron
(7)  Mississippi State vs (10)  BYU
(2)  Michigan State vs (15)  Wagner

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