Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wisconsin Badgers Plays of the Year Accumulation

Last year, I looked back on the Top 10 plays of the Wisconsin Badger Football Season.  Through five games, there are definitely some candidates for 2011 and there are hopefully many more to come.  Here is an accumulation of the plays so far.  Feel free to comment with any you feel I may have missed.  Currently, they are in no order.
  • Russell Wilson's 46 yard TD run vs UNLV (video) from ESPN
  • Montee Ball's 22 yard TD run vs UNLV (video) from ESPN
  • Nick Toon 10 yard TD on fade pattern from Russell Wilson vs Oregon State (video) from ESPN
  • James White 49 yard TD run vs South Dakota (same video as below)
  • Russell Wilson 59 yard TD pass to Nick Toon vs South Dakota (video) from ESPN
  • Mike Taylor INT of Taylor Martinez vs Nebraska (video) from ESPN
  • Jared Abbrederis 36 yd. TD catch from Russell Wilson vs. Nebraska (video) from ESPN
  • Nick Toon's 46 yard TD catch from Russell Wilson vs Nebraska (video) from ESPN
  • Montee Ball 25 yard TD pass to Russell Wilson vs Indiana (video) from ESPN
  • Montee Ball's 54 yard TD run vs Indiana (video) from ESPN
  • Jared Abbrederis 60 yard punt return TD vs Indiana (video) from ESPN

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