Thursday, September 8, 2011

2011 NFL Predictions

I keep hearing that every year, 5 playoff teams change from the previous year.  It has also been 7 years since the Super Bowl Champion won a playoff game the next year.  The NFC has had 10 different Super Bowl representatives in the last 10 years.  Are these reliable trends or merely coincidental?  Will the lockout and strange off-season be enough to alter those trends at least for 1 year?

First, will 5 playoff teams change from a year ago?  I have 4 likely choices that immediately come to mind in Indianapolis, Kansas City, Chicago and Seattle.  If I a 5th is going to emerge, New Orleans or Baltimore would be next in line.

Second, will the Super Bowl Champions win a playoff game?  The NFL playoffs have become so unpredictable that nobody can say with certainty on this one.  Hot teams, injuries, weather...all can alter the landscape dramatically.  That being said, Green Bay was the hot team last year and may have won before their time.  Also, the Packers two previous Super Bowl runs have involved back-to-back appearances.

Third, will an 11th NFC team represent in this year's big game?  The five remaining choices are Washington, Dallas, Minnesota, Detroit and San Francisco.   Could Dallas have just been a year late to play in their home stadium?  Other than the Cowboys, you would not think any of the remaining four are ready.

So here are the official Jabesblog predictions for the 2011 NFL season (keeping in mind I had 7 of 12 playoff teams correct in 2010, 2 championship game reps, and 0 Super Bowl teams).  I just do it for fun people.

1.  New England Patriots
2.  New York Jets
3.  Miami Dolphins
4.  Buffalo Bills

AFC North
1.  Pittsburgh Steelers
2.  Baltimore Ravens
3.  Cleveland Browns
4.  Cincinnati Bengals

AFC South
1.  Houston Texans
2.  Indianapolis Colts
3.  Tennessee Titans
4.  Jacksonville Jaguars

AFC West
1.  San Diego Chargers
2.  Kansas City Chiefs
3.  Oakland Raiders
4.  Denver Broncos

NFC East
1.  Dallas Cowboys
2.  Philadelphia Eagles
3.  New York Giants
4.  Washington Redskins

NFC North
1.  Green Bay Packers
2.  Detroit Lions
3.  Chicago Bears
4.  Minnesota Vikings

NFC South
1.  Atlanta Falcons
2.  New Orleans Saints
3.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers
4.  Carolina Panthers

NFC West
1.  St. Louis Rams
2.  Arizona Cardinals
3.  San Francisco 49ers
4.  Seattle Seahawks

AFC Wildcard
Baltimore Ravens over San Diego Chargers
New York Jets over Houston Texans

NFC Wildcard
Philadelphia Eagles over St. Louis Rams
Dallas Cowboys over New Orleans Saints

AFC Divisional Playoff
New England Patriots over Baltimore Ravens
New York Jets over Pittsburgh Steelers

NFC Divisional Playoff
Atlanta Falcons over Dallas Cowboys
Green Bay Packers over Philadelphia Eagles

AFC Championship Game
New England Patriots over New York Jets

NFC Championship Game
Green Bay Packers over Atlanta Falcons

Super Bowl
New England Patriots over Green Bay Packers

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