Friday, September 16, 2011

NFL, Badger and Fantasy Randomness

Here are some random thoughts on Week 1 and 2 in the NFL, the Wisconsin Badgers and Fantasy Football.  Maybe even something else random. 
  1. Keep an eye out in your fantasy league for who was dropped this week.  Some team is bound to drop a player that you would have gladly had on your team a week ago in order to grab a Week 1 hot name.  Week 1 pick-ups often fizzle, so see if any potential longer-term steals hit your dropped list this week.
  2. My quarterback in the league I have been in for 22 years had zero of the one trillion TD passes thrown on the weekend. 
  3. Sean Payton, next time, let your best player try to make the play.
  4. Worst to First - Arizona Cardinals.
  5. First to Worst - Kansas City Chiefs and Seattle Seahawks.
  6. That Tom Brady guy is pretty good.
  7. That Tom Brady guy has pretty hair.
  8. I like Tony Romo, but c'mon man, I don't know what's worse...Losing Carrie Underwood or choking away almost every big game
  9. Donovan McNabb gives me comfort as a Packer fan.
  10. Jay Cutler will eventually too give me comfort.
  11. A healthy Matthew Stafford makes me a bit squeamish.
  12. Ndamukong Suh coming free on Aaron Rodgers gives me the major heebie jeebies.
  13. Cam Newton will be a better quarterback than y'all thought.  Somehere in between the Week 1 great and what everyone expected.
  14. Andrew Luck to the Indianapolis Colts?
  15. If there is no NBA, how can I make fun of Lebron James.
  16. When John McEnroe did it, it was entertaining.  When Serena Williams does it, its appalling.
  17. I am enjoying the seat for RussellMania 2011, but there will be a couple games where the defense will have to come through to body slam this team into a BCS Bowl.
  18. October 1st is going to be one crazy night in Madtown.
  19. After Emmanuel Sanders caught a TD pass last week, I quickly decided he is not in my top 5 Sanders of all-time.  They would be Barry, Deion, Colonel, Summer and Steve.
  20. Go Florida State!!  I predicated my whole College Football predictions on the 'Noles beating Oklahoma.  So far, things haven't gone the best...

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