Thursday, May 13, 2010

Random Thoughts

Occasionally, I get the urge to provide some random thoughts...

I hope LeBron James played his last home game in Cleveland - it is a bigger story if he goes to New York or Chicago.

Chicago has become the hot LeBron destination but Jordan's shadow would still seem to loom large - I would put my chips in on New York.

The Montreal Canadiens have NHL execs swearing in English, French, and all other languages. Taking out Ovechkin was bad enough. Now Crosby too. There go the Stanley Cup ratings. I am sure a San Jose/Montreal Stanley Cup is exactly what they all really wanted?

Last night's result means the San Jose/Chicago series is the best possible series remaining. I am not saying the winner automatically wins the Cup, but, well yes, that is what I am saying.

Considering the state of the Brewers pitching staff, you can guarantee yourself a three game sweep if you hit #8 with a pitch and knock him out of 2 1/2 games.

Prince Fielder's time as a Brewer gets shorter with each passing day.

How do the Twins do it?

I will freely admit, I am not excited for the World Cup - not because I don't love the USA, but because I don't really like soccer.

ALERT: Reality TV Segment

Will Rupert and Colby really join forces with the devil on Survivor tonight?

I wish there was a way Erin Andrews could win DWTS, but its just not going to happen.

I smiled a lot when I heard Julianne was coming back to do the Fall Season of DWTS.

That Ali chick from the Bachelorette starts in a few weeks - I think I might tune in.

ALERT: Reality Segment Complete

One faithful Jabesblog reader thinks Tiger has fallen off the wagon and may not catch Nicklaus. That was a foregone conclusion 6 months ago. But I can't say I disagree.

If Ben Brust is the next Jason Bohannon, then I will like Ben Brust.

Does anybody watch Boxing anymore? And who pays $50 for PPV to watch it?

Stephen Strasburg should be in the Majors. And if I am Washington, don't be so strict on the pitch count. He won't be with the Nationals for that long.

Why don't I ever play golf until June?

A Random Thoughts without the NFL - Yes - I have nothing - completely blank on the NFL - unless I want to put my prediction in writing here that there will be no NFL in 2011. I guess I just did.

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