Friday, October 23, 2009

Fantasy Football Skill plus Luck

As we hit the midway point of the Fantasy Football regular season this weekend, I thought I would take a look at what has gone right and what has gone wrong thus far in 2009 Fantasy Football. I started with a surprises and busts list, but that is pretty easy for everyone to figure out. So I came up with the "What if I drafted this team". I will use a 12 team league, 16 rounds, and a starting line-up of QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, Flex, TE, Def, K for the purposes of this article. Without further ado, if I had the 4th pick of the draft......

What if I drafted this team?
Round 1 - Matt Forte, RB, Chicago Bears (I was hoping Forte would fall, just not sure how Maurice Jones-Drew will do with that full workload)
Round 2 - Steve Smith, WR, Carolina Panthers (Love this solid, consistent player at pick 21)
Round 3 - Terrell Owens, WR, Buffalo Bills (Yes, T.O. at pick 28 - you don't always get a lock for 10 TD's at this pick)
Round 4 - Darren McFadden, RB, Oakland Raiders (My top sleeper still here at pick 45 - I can't wait to watch his home-run ability this year)
Round 5 - Tony Romo, QB, Dallas Cowboys (Even with the loss of Owens, Romo at 52 seems like a no-brainer)
Round 6 - Lendale White, RB, Tennessee Titans (Slimmer and meaner and should come close to his 15 TD's from 2008)
Round 7 - Eddie Royal, WR, Denver Broncos (With all of Brandon Marshall's problems, I may have landed a #1 receiver at pick 76)
Round 8 - Beanie Wells, RB, Arizona Cardinals (No way Tim Hightower hold him off - Wells is going to provide the running game Arizona needs for balance)
Round 9 - Dustin Keller, TE, New York Jets (Waited on TE with all these solid RB, WR available and still got who I wanted - Keller will be Sanchez's security blanket all year and his favorite red-zone target)
Round 10 - Tennessee Titans Defense (With the Giants, Steelers, and Ravens defenses picked, I better lock-up easily the next best defense in the NFL)
Round 11 - Jerious Norwood, RB, Atlanta Falcons (Even with Michael Turner, Norwood should see 10-15 productive touches per game)
Round 12 - Jake Delhomme, QB, Carolina Panthers (A solid, unspectacular QB - he shouldn't hurt me as a bye week replacement)
Round 13 - Joey Galloway, WR, New England Patriots (With Brady throwing and Moss and Welker getting all the attention, Galloway is going to be huge)
Round 14 - Kevin Boss, TE, New York Giants (Without a proven WR, Boss is going to be Eli's main man this year)
Round 15 - Rob Bironas, K, Tennessee Titans (A perennial top 5 kicker)
Round 16 - San Diego Chargers Defense (With Merriman back, this unit is on the rise)

I did not really draft this team, but what if someone did? Or what if I had the 1st pick in the draft.....

What if I drafted this team?
Round 1 - Adrian Peterson, RB, Minnesota Vikings (no-brainer)
Round 2 - Reggie Wayne, WR, Indianapolis Colts (I wanted Steve Smith or Greg Jennings, I guess I will settle for Wayne - worried about all those double teams though with Harrison gone)
Round 3 - Marques Colston, WR, New Orleans Saints (I feel like I am reaching with this pick, but all the WR will be gone by my next pick)
Round 4 - Vincent Jackson, WR, San Diego Chargers (I wanted Derrick Ward or Larry Johnson, but they went the picks before, have to regroup at RB and take V Jack here)
Round 5 - Matt Schaub, QB, Houston Texans (I just read about his per game averages - I just don't think Romo or McNabb are going to be very good this year)
Round 6 - Ray Rice, RB, Baltimore Ravens (All the good RB's are gone - Rice should at least get yards, even if he never scores)
Round 7 - Cedric Benson, RB, Cincinnati Bengals (At least Cedric is the unquestioned starter - really don't want him on my team)
Round 8 - Ahmad Bradshaw, RB, New York Giants (At this point, I just need RB's that will get some touches)
Round 9 - Rashard Mendenhall, RB, Pittsburgh Steelers (After waiting on RB's, at least one of these last 4 has to produce this year - at least I hope)
Round 10 - Joe Flacco, QB, Baltimore Ravens (I needed to solidify RB, and now I have a back-up QB on a run first team)
Round 11 - Vinsanthe Schiancoe, TE, Minnesota Vikings (I forgot about TE, Favre used to like throwing to TE's)
Round 12 - Steve Smith, WR, New York Giants (I needed one more WR - Smith should at least play)
Round 13 - Heath Miller, TE, Pittsburgh Steelers (I do like a good Heath candy bar)
Round 14 - San Francisco 49ers Defense (waited too long on defense - there coach used ot be really good at defense)
Round 15 - Denver Broncos Defense (there is no one left!!)
Round 16 - Lawrence Tynes, K, New York Giants (Mr. Irrelevant)

I did not draft this team either, but whoever did is looking fine in 2009. I know it takes some knowledge and skill so you don't draft a T.O. or Lendale White and you are smart enough to grab a Matt Schaub or a Ray Rice. But I think there is a little luck involved. So with that, Good Luck on the 2nd half of your season!!

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