Tuesday, January 22, 2013

College Basketball 2012-13 - Big 12 Progress Report

The Big 12 is a solid 6-bid league at this point, with only Kansas contending for a top-seed line.  Right now, Oklahoma State is in the most trouble going 2-4 in thei last 6, but not really in danger yet.

Kansas (16-1, 4-0, RPI=3, Sag=5)
Top 25 Wins:  Colorado
26-50 Wins:  Ohio State, Belmont, Temple, Iowa State, Baylor
51-100 Wins:  St. Louis, Richmond
Losses: Michigan State
Road/Neutral:  6-1

Kansas State (14-2, 4-0, RPI=30, Sag=34)
Top 25 Wins: Florida, Oklahoma
26-50 Wins: Oklahoma State
51-100 Wins: West Virginia
Losses: Michigan, Gonzaga
Road/Neutral: 5-2

Oklahoma (13-4, 4-1, RPI=23, Sag=42)
Top 25 Wins:  None
26-50 Wins:  Oklahoma State
51-100 Wins:  UTEP, West Virginia, Oral Roberts, Texas A&M, West Virginia
Losses:  Gonzaga, Arkansas, Stephen F. Austin, Kansas State
Road/Neutral:  6-3

Oklahoma State (12-5, 2-3, RPI=43, Sag=33)
Top 25 Wins:  NC State
26-50 Wins:  None
51-100 Wins:  Akron, South Florida
Losses:  Virginia Tech, Gonzaga, Kansas State, Oklahoma, Baylor
Road/Neutral: 3-4

Baylor (12-5, 4-1, RPI=37, Sag=30)
Top 25 Wins:  None
26-50 Wins:  BYU, Oklahoma State
51-100 Wins:  Lehigh, St. John's, Kentucky
Losses:  Colorado, College of Charleston, Northwestern, Gonzaga, Kansas
Road/Neutral:  4-3

Iowa State (13-4, 3-1, RPI=38, Sag=35)
Top 25 Wins:  None
26-50 Wins:  BYU
51-100 Wins:  West Virginia
Losses:  Cincinnati, UNLV, Iowa, Kansas
Road/Neutral:  3-4

NOTE:  Only teams with a top 75 RPI or Sagarin are listed

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