Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Memo to Bo

I will not argue with anything Bo Ryan does.  I do not fault him for letting his team play-out the end-game  vs Syracuse.  Bo has built up a credibility with a run of success that should not be challenged.  So instead of questioning him, I will make a small plea.  A little hope from a fan's perspective.  One that is way too early to really ponder, but seems fresh in my mind after the young kids from Kentucky ran over everyone in their way the past three weeks.  So here it is Bo...

If Sam Dekker is as advertised, Mike Brusewitz needs to come off the bench next season.  From Day 1.  Unleash the freshman. 

I know it goes against the principles of the program.  Mike Brusewitz has done nothing but work hard for 3 years and it would be a shame to remove his starting tag.  The reality is that Brusewitz is more suited as a complimentary player and has thrived off the bench early in his career.  Dekker could be a star, and it could happen sooner than later.  I realize this might potentially put two freshman in the starting five, with redshirt frosh George Marshall taking over at the point, but Bo needs to put the best talent on the floor.

Bo Ryan will have one of his deepest teams next season and will have varied options and line-up combinations.  This should make the Badgers dangerous despite the loss of Jordan Taylor.  I just hope that talent will trump class and raise the ceiling for this program.

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