Wednesday, July 21, 2010


After the Brewers finish trading off any pieces, it will be all football, all the time in the State of Wisconsin as the Brewers slide into irrelevancy.

Rumors heating up of Prince Fielder to the White Sox - the Brewers want John Danks as the starting piece - the White Sox are reluctant to add Gordon Beckham in a deal at this point - but Danks, Beckham and a minor league prospect could be as good a deal as comes around.

Here is one vote for Ryne Sandberg to be the next Cubs Manager.

How boring is a major golf tournament won by 7 shots by a relative unknown with an impossible name?

Alabama will open the season #1 with 9 new starters on defense. The first poll should really come out October 1st.

What happens if USC goes 12-0 this year?

If Washington is in the pre-season Top 25 I have my #1 candidate for over-rated team of the year.

Ryan Mallett is my sleeper Heisman choice.

Its funny when Magic Johnson says he would not have done what LeBron did - he had two top 50 players with him in Jabbar and Worthy and a great supporting cast. And he was in L.A. - not Cleveland. Heck, Jordan had Pippen and Horace Grant/Dennis Rodman. And Sir Charles tried to join up with Olajuwon at the end of his career to win a title. These stars should be careful about what they say.

Does the players union think it is right for Sam Bradford to get 50 million guaranteed?

An 18 game schedule is going to mess with my Fantasy Football schedule.

Finally - The cover of People Magazine says "Carrie's Dream Wedding" - Don't believe what you read - I am pretty sure in her dreams it is me!!

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