Friday, June 25, 2010


Sorry its been a while, its a pretty slow season and I am not ready to bite off the Top Baseball Players at each position yet.

-From now on, I would like to be referred to as "World Wide Jabe"

-The NBA draft went pretty much as scripted - which meant every player I wanted to fall to the Milwaukee Bucks was taken before them. Hopefully this guy who used to have an HBO show can develop into something.

-The Bigger NBA story is of course free agency - less than a week a way. Chicago keeps making the moves to be the front-runner for LeBron - now enough cap space to get Bosh or Stoudemire too. I think it would be funny if they didn't get LeBron.

-Typical Clippers....Chris Bosh on Mike and Mike says "yeah the Clippers have some good pieces, but they don't have a coach, so it would be tough to sign there".

-This just in, The Celtics came back to beat the Lakers in stoppage time!!

-The "Buzzer-Beater" Goal by the USA was great, but lets keep in mind that for the other 90 minutes they just kicked the ball back and forth. They should at least allow picks to be set.

-Stephen Strasburg should be an All-Star.

-Ubaldo Jimenez is human.

-The match ending 70-68 in the 5th at Wimbledon is of video game proportions.

-It isn't an "Instant Classic" though, because who wants to sit and watch a 12 hour tennis match. Its not like it was the first "I Love the 80's" Marathon on VH-1 where that 10 hours just flew by.

-About one month until Training Camps start, unless your name rhymes with Trett Gavre. Then yours will start once two-a-days are over.


-My career will read the same number of U.S. Open victories as one Phil Mickelson.


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