Sunday, March 12, 2023

2023 NCAA Mens Field of 68 Prediction

More for nostalgia, but here is my bracket prediction for today:

1's - Kansas,  Alabama,  Houston,  Purdue

2's - Texas, UCLA, Arizona,  Marquette 

3's - Gonzaga, Baylor, Kansas State, Connecticut 

4's - Tennessee,  Virginia,  Xavier, Texas A&M

5's - Iowa State, Duke, San Diego State, Indiana

6's - TCU,  Kentucky,  St. Mary's,  Northwestern

7's - Miami FL, Creighton,  Michigan State, Missouri 

8's - Florida Atlantic,  Arkansas,  Maryland,  Memphis 

9's - Auburn, West Virginia,  Illinois,  Utah State

10's - Penn State, Iowa, USC, Boise State

11's - Mississippi State,  Providence,  Rutgers, Oklahoma State, Arizona State, Clemson

12's - VCU, Oral Roberts,  Drake, Kent State

13's - Charleston,  Iona, LA Lafayette,  Furman

14's - Princeton, UC Santa Barbara,  Grand Canyon, Kennesaw State

15's - Colgate, Montana State, Vermont,  UNC Asheville 

16's - Northern  Kentucky,  Texas A&M Corpus Christi,  Fairleigh Dickinson, SE Missouri State, Howard, Texas Southern

Sunday, March 13, 2022

2022 Men's Basketball Bracketology -FINAL

Just flipped Purdue to a 2 and Villanova  to a 3.

We are in for a crazy tournament if you go by the conference tourneys.   Here is my seed list:

1's - Gonzaga,  Arizona, Kansas, Baylor

2's - Kentucky, Auburn, Tennessee, Purdue

3's - Duke, Villanova, Texas Tech, Wisconsin 

4's - UCLA,  Arkansas, Illinois, Providence

5's - Houston, Iowa, Connecticut,  Texas

6's - St. Mary's, LSU, Ohio State, Boise State

7's - Alabama,  Colorado State, Michigan State,  TCU

8's - USC, Murray State, Seton Hall, North Carolina, 

9's - Creighton, San Diego State, Loyola, Iowa State

10's - San Francisco, Memphis, Marquette, Miami FL

11's - Virginia Tech, Davidson, Indiana, Michigan, Texas A&M

12's - UAB, South Dakota State, Richmond, Wyoming, Rutgers

13's - Akron, Vermont, Chattanooga, New Mexico State

14's - Yale, Saint Peter's, Longwood, Montana  State

15's - Colgate, Georgia State, Cal State Fullerton,  Delaware 

16's -Jacksonville State, Norfolk State, Wright State, Bryant, Texas Southern, Texas A&M Corpus Christi

Sunday, March 14, 2021

2021 Bracketology - Bracket

 1 Gonzaga
16 Appalachian State/Norfolk State

8 Oklahoma 
9 Rutgers

5 Florida State
12 UC Santa Barbara

4 Creighton
13 North Texas

6 Missouri
11 Drake/Louisville

3 Texas
14 Eastern Washington

7 Oregon
10 VCU

2 Ohio State 
15 Drexel

 1 Michigan
16 Oral Roberts

8 Georgia Tech 
9 Saint Bonaventure

5 Tennessee
12 Georgetown

4 West Virginia 
13 UNC Greensboro 

11 Michigan State

3 Kansas
14 Liberty 

7 Wisconsin 
10 Clemson

2 Alabama
15 Cleveland State

 1 Baylor
16 Mount St. Mary's/Texas Southern

8 Loyola-Chicago
9 North Carolina 

5 Villanova
12 Oregon State

4 Purdue
13 Ohio 

6 Colorado
11 Ole Miss/Utah State

3 Arkansas
14 Abilene Christian

10 Virginia Tech

2 Iowa
15 Iona

 1 Illinois
16 Hartford

8 Connecticut 
9 San Diego State

5 Texas Tech
12 Winthrop

4 Virginia
13 Colgate


3 Houston
14 Morehead State

7 Florida
10 Maryland

2 Oklahoma State 
15 Grand Canyon

2021 Final Bracketology Seed List

1's - Gonzaga, Baylor, Illinois, Michigan

2's - Alabama, Iowa, Ohio State, Oklahoma State 

3's - Houston,  Texas, Arkansas, Kansas

4's - West Virginia,  Purdue, Virginia,  Creighton

5's - Florida State, Villanova,  Tennessee, Texas Tech

6's - Colorado, USC, LSU, Missouri 

7's - Oregon, BYU, Florida, Wisconsin 

8's - Oklahoma, Connecticut,  Georgia Tech,  Loyola-Chicago

9's - San Diego State, St. Bonaventure, North Carolina, Rutgers

10's - Clemson, Virginia Tech, Maryland, VCU

11's - Michigan State, UCLA, Drake, Utah State, Louisville, Ole Miss

12's - Oregon State,  Georgetown,  Winthrop, UC Santa Barbara 

13's - North Texas, Colgate, Ohio,  UNC-Greensboro

14's - Liberty, Abilene Christian, Morehead State,  Eastern Washington 

15's - Grand Canyon,  Drexel, Iona, Cleveland State

16's - Oral Robert's, Hartford,  Mount St. Mary's,  Norfolk State, Texas Southern,  Appalachian State 

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

March 11 Bracketology

I finally had a chance to dive into the resumes and here is where I predict things stand as we launch into the major conference tournaments. 

1's - Kansas, Gonzaga, Dayton, Baylor

Dayton and Baylor aren't locked in, but outside of Florida State winning the ACC tournament or an early loss by either of them, the one line should look like this.

2's - San Diego State, Florida State, Villanova, Creighton

I am not sure both Big East schools end up here, but the number of quad 1 wins merits it.  Villanova has the win over Kansas, albeit at home, in its back pocket as well.  Duke also has a neutral court victory over Kansas and would be interesting if winning the ACC tourney gives them more quad 1 wins.

3's - Duke, Maryland, Oregon, Michigan State
4's - Kentucky, Seton Hall, Louisville, Auburn

The committee doesn't like putting teams with double digit losses in the top 4 lines without extraordinary wins that stand out.  Auburn is a safe choice.  I will be keeping an eye on this spot throughout the week.

5's - Wisconsin, Butler, Ohio State, West Virginia
6's - BYU, Virginia, Penn State, Iowa

Penn State and Iowa grabbing these with the most Quad 1 wins left on the board.

7's - Michigan, Colorado, Arizona, Houston
8's - Illinois, Providence, Marquette, LSU
9's - Florida, USC, St. Mary's, Rutgers
10's - Oklahoma, Texas Tech, Richmond, Arizona State
11's - Utah State, East Tennessee State, Stanford, Xavier, Wichita State
12's - Cincinnati, NC State, Yale, Liberty, Stephen F. Austin
13's - Akron, Vermont, Louisiana Tech, New Mexico State
14's - Belmont, Bradley, Colgate, Northern Colorado
15's - Hofstra, UC-Irvine, Texas State, North Dakota State
16's - Northern Kentucky, Winthrop, Siena, Prairie View, Robert Morris, North Carolina Central

Sunday, March 17, 2019

2019 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament- Final Bracket

EAST - Washington DC

1) Duke
16) Fairleigh Dickinson/North Carolina Central

Columbia SC Fri/Sun

8)  Minnesota
9)  UCF

5)  Kansas State
12) Murray State

San Jose CA Fri/Sun

4)  Villanova
13)  Old Dominion

6)  Buffalo
11)  TCU

Tulsa OK Fri/Sun

3) LSU
14) Northern Kentucky

7)  Cincinnati
10)  Oklahoma

Hartford CT Thu/Sat

2) Michigan
15) Colgate

SOUTH - Louisville

1) Virginia
16) Abilene Christian

Columbus OH Fri/Sun

8)  Nevada
9)  Baylor

5)  Auburn
12) Liberty

Hartford CT Thu/Sat

4) Purdue
13) Northeastern

6)  Maryland
11)  Oregon

Salt Lake City UT Thu/Sat

3) Texas Tech
14) Saint Louis

7)  Wofford
10)  VCU

Columbus OH Fri/Sun

2) Kentucky
15) Gardner-Webb

MIDWEST - Kansas City

1) North Carolina
16) Iona

Columbia SC Fri/Sun

8) Mississippi
9)  Utah State

5)  Marquette
12)  New Mexico State

Des Moines IA Thu/Sat

4) Kansas
13) Vermont

6)  Iowa State
11)  St. John's/Arizona State

Tulsa OK Fri/Sun

3) Houston
14)  Georgia State

7)  Louisville
10)  Florida

Des Moines IA Thu/Sat

2) Michigan State
15)  Bradley

WEST - Anaheim

1) Tennessee
16) Prairie View AM/North Dakota State

Jacksonville FL Thu/Sat

8)  Seton Hall
9)  Syracuse

5)  Virginia Tech
12) St. Mary's

San Jose CA Fri/Sun

4) Wisconsin
13)  UC-Irvine

6)  Mississippi State
11)  NC State/Temple

Jacksonville FL Thu/Sat

3) Florida State
14)  Yale

7)  Iowa
10)  Washington

Salt Lake City UT Thu/Sat

2)  Gonzaga
15)  Montana

2019 NCAA Mens Basketball Tournament - Final Seed List

I haven't been able to post during the season, but here is my best guess for tonight...

1s - Duke, Virginia,  North Carolina, Tennessee
2's - Gonzaga,  Kentucky,  Michigan State,  Michigan
3's - Houston,  LSU,  Texas Tech,  Florida State
4's - Kansas, Purdue,  Wisconsin,  Villanova
5's - Kansas State,  Virginia Tech,  Auburn, Marquette
6's - Iowa State,  Mississippi State,  Maryland,  Buffalo
7's - Cincinnati,  Wofford,  Louisville,  Iowa
8's - Nevada, Mississippi, Seton Hall, Minnesota
9's - Utah State, Syracuse,  Baylor, UCF
10's - Oklahoma, Washington, Florida,  VCU
11's - Oregon, TCU, NC State, St. John's,  Arizon State, Temple
12's - Murray State, St. Mary's,  New Mexico State,  Liberty
13's - UC-Irvine, Old Dominion,  Northeastern, Vermont
14's - Yale, Northern Kentucky,  Georgia State,  St. Louis
15's - Colgate,  Bradley,  Montana,  Gardner-Webb
16's - Iona, Abilene Christian,  Fairleigh Dickinson,  North Carolina Central,  Prairie View AM, North Dakota State